Rolling Ball Tilt Switch Sensor - P00025


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  2. Thanks for the great review! I came from using a mouse and scroll wheel for ~ 15 years or so. I thought that perhaps my trackball choice needed to have a scroll wheel too. Peyalnslor, I like the Marble Mouse, and eventually got used to the lack of a hardware scroll function. I also found the standard Kensington Optical Orbit to be pretty comfortable to use as well – it allows your hand to sort of splay open and just rest on it. It’s pretty basic, but the price and performance have been great for me.Cheers!

  3. Saturnina:Hyvä kysymys, johon tosin voi varmaan vastata, että se tulisi nykyään ehkä liian kalliiksi? Se on varmaan vanhaa "tekniikkaa" jota ei enää vaÃlfsteta.m„i:Kuulostaa hauskalta. Itsekin tykkään Globe Hopen koruista. osa vaatteista on myös ok. Itseasiassa mulla on ollut Globe Hopea ruudussakin joskus.

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