About Us

Center4Tech is an organization aimed at Promoting Technology Innovations and inventions in Africa. Center4Tech started operations in 2014. In the last 9 years, we have equipped about 7,500 children (age 5-19), 3,500 youth and adult with Coding / STEM courses and Hackathons across many cities in Nigeria.

Center4Tech is also the organizer of Young Inventors Tech Expo where students who participated in our Young Inventors Technology Training Programmes showcase their technology projects, prototypes and inventions to the public every year and also win prizes from our sponsors.

Our Mission is to equip 5 million children and Adult with STEM and coding courses by 2030.




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Our Courses

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Electronic / Robotics & Coding

Students will build prototypes after learning programming, Electronics Components,  Microcontrollers, robots etc. Courses will be 100% Hands-On.


Mobile Games Design & Coding

Students will design a full functional mobile games after learning the concepts, design and coding process of Mobile Games. This course is 100% hands-on


Web Design & Coding

Students will be able to design a functional website after learning web design concepts including HTML and CSS coding for front end and back end



Web Development

This course is divided into 3 modules namely: Beginner, Intermediate (Junior Frontend or Backend) & FullStack Developer. This course will be 100% hands-on.



UI/UX Design

Students will design a full functional mobile games after learning the concepts, design and coding process of Mobile Games. This course is 100% hands-on


Python Programming

Students will learn Python programming using Visual Studio Code or Pycharm. Operators and Expressions, Selection control structure in python, List, Tuple, Dictionary, Number and string etc.



Girls STEM and Coding Training
Sponsored by Christopher Kolade Foundation

Over 1,300 girls from low-income communities have been trained  on STEM and Coding Courses across 10 public secondary schools in Lagos, Nigeria between 2016 - 2019. This project was sponsored by Christopher Kolade Foundation through their SHE Initiative Project.

Support Us to Equip More Girls

Our Services

As we equip the next generation of Inventors with coding, we offer numerous services in the education sector that add value to our students


This is Nigeria’s #1 and the biggest 21st century hands-on Coding & STEM skills training programme for boys and girls (aged 5 – 17)  in primary & secondary schools during the vacation.


Center4Tech’s Tech Training for Adult is divided into 2 major categories namely: Digital Tech Skills and Engineering Tech Skills. These courses are 100% hands-on


This is an in-school programme designed to teach secondary students how Science & Technology is applied to the design of products and services as well as ignite their interest in STEM

Photo Gallery

Take a look at some of the pictures taken during our Previous Young Inventors Summer Camp and
Young Inventors Tech Expo that took place across the country

What Students Say


We have received positive feedback from both students and parents whose children have attended our Young Inventors Technology Training Programmes.


Brittney Oberfeld

“Tech has inspired me from an early age – from sneaking time away on the one computer we had back when I was 10 to now working in the games industry. Any way I can inspire kids to feel the same way makes me excited!

Adam Saltsman

“I got involved with Center4Tech because I wanted to let people outside of North America and the EU know that we care and we are interested in what they have to say, and that we can’t wait to see what they make”

Chiedu Adigwe

“I got involved with Center4Tech because I know that the only way to stimulate technology innovations in Africa is to equip the young people with tech skills early in their lives. Well done Center4Tech for this great initiative”

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