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Our tech courses are 100% hands-on

Getting a good job in the 21st century requires you to have some tech skills that will propel you to the next level

Web Design

This course is divided into three modules: beginner, intermediate, and full-stack.

UI/UX Design

The UI/UX Design course brings a design-centric approach to user interface and user experience design


Here students will learn how to use electronic components and Microcroller programming to build electronic circuits and robots


Our Instructors are experts in Tech

We have two training methods depending on the class. classroom and online instructor-led

You can schedule for a one-on-one online class where you will be the only one in the class. Or you can join a class with a group of other students. Whichever works for you




Students Trained


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Take a look at some of our technology that we teach

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Clients' Testimonials

The web development class was very engaging. Initially, I had my doubts as the class was done online, but the instructor was able to take me through it professionally. Thanks to Center4Tech

Emmanuel Obasi IT Officer

I am a graphic designer and needed to upgrade my skills, so I applied for the UI/UX course at Center4Tech. The online class is really worth it. Highly recommended

Kunle Adebayo Graphic Designer

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