Electronic/robotics Engineering Beginner

Course Description

In this  course, you will learn about various electronic components and their functions in electronic circuit, build electronic circuits,  learn about basic electricity, soldering skills, and basic analog and digital electronics.  Moreover, you’ll learn how to work with Arduino Microcontroller programming kit and actually programme the Aruino in C++. You’ll need some basic math skills and that’s it! No prior knowledge of electronics is required, and yet by the end of this course you’ll have built functioning electronic circuits like light flashers, sound effects, and controlling the moving robot, the servo motor which is a motor that turns to a specific direction at your command.


Learning Outcome

  • Introduction to technology
  • Difference between electronics and electrical gadgets
  • Concept of electricity and electronics
  • Electronics tools
  • Electronics components (uses/principles of operation) and symbols
  • Electronics circuit diagram
  • How to use a Breadboard
  • Electronics circuit and application
  • Resistor color coding
    • How to Solder electronics components on a Veroboard
  • Analog and digital devices
  • Input and Output devices
  • Sensors
  • Introduction to Arduino program microcontroller programming
  • Building circuits using Arduino program
  • Interfacing the Arduino with different types of sensors
  • How to interconnect electronics circuit and home appliances(infrared and Bluetooth module)


  • Ability to use a computer
  • Availability of internet
  • From Zero to mastery


  • Multimeter
  • Arduino Integrated Development Board
  • Android device.

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