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This course introduces students to basic web design using HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). Students will learn how to plan and design effective web pages; implement web pages by writing HTML and CSS code; enhance web pages with the use of page layout techniques, text forma􀆫ng, graphics, images, and multimedia; and produce a functional, multi-page website. The course does not require any prior knowledge of HTML or web design. Moreover, this course will be taught by professionals.
1) Recognize and understand HTML web page elements
2) Know how to write HTML code
3) Understand and apply effective web design principles
4) Enhance web pages using text formatting, color, graphics, images, and multimedia
5) Incorporate forms into web pages
6) Understand and apply CSS to format web page elements
7) Plan, design, and publish a mul􀆟-page website
8) How to make website responsive


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