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Center4Tech offers a wide range of coding and STEM programmes for our children all year round.

Private Class

Online Private Coding Lesson

When you need a 1-on-1 coding experience for your child virtually, Center4Tech Offers what is the VERY BEST . That's why over 4 thousand parents have chosen Center4Tech in the last 9 years. Your kids  explore topics not covered in school, and advance quickly with custom curriculum. Scheduling is fast and flexible. Ages 10-19.

Private Class

Home Private Coding Lesson

Here, we provide  a 1-on-1 coding experience for your child as a home service. Designed to fit your busy schedule, lessons can be booked at your own pace. Speak to us today to get started


Coding at Our Center

Our Center is open all year round for parents who might want to bring their children to the center for any of our coding courses.

Summer Camp

Young Inventors Summer Camp

This programme runs during the long vacation across many center in Nigeria. In the last 8 years, we have trained over 6,000 Children.

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Easter Camp

Young Inventors Easter Camp

This is a 2-Week Coding programme for children during the easter holiday. It runs at our center only

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Why Do Parents and Students Trust Us?

Center4Tech offers a wide range of coding and STEM programmes for our children all year round.


We have received positive feedback from past students and parents with parents bringing more kids

100% Hands-On

All our courses are 100% hands-on. Participants go home with projects they build themselves

Our Students Won Prizes

In 2019, our student won the NASA Conrad Challenge scholarship in the USA.

Good Recommendations

Our students and their parent easily recommend our courses to their friends, colleagues and family.

Experience Useful Globally

Our Students who have pursue STEM in their undergraduate have found our courses to be very useful

We Offer More

We provide 1 year free tech support, free electronic kit and software license to our students

Kids and Teens Courses

Here, we provide  a a wide range of coding and STEM courses for our Kids and Teens


Electronic/Robotics Design & Coding

Students will build prototypes after learning programming, Electronics Components, Microcontrollers, robots etc. Courses will be 100% Hands-On.


Mobile Game Design & Coding

Students will design a full functional mobile games after learning the concepts, design and coding process of Mobile Games rse will be 100% hands-on


Web Design & Coding

Students will be able to design a functional website after learning web design concepts including HTML and CSS coding for front end and back end

Our Students Come from Over 350 Schools in Nigeria and Abroad

Testimonies from our Past Students

We have received positive feedback from Both students and parents


Welcome to Camp Gallery

Since 2014, we have trained over 7,500 children on Coding and STEM skills. We are very happy to see how the students have progressed in STEM courses around the world