Programme:Electronics & Coding Level 1

Ages:8-19 | Course Delivery: Class Room | Prerequisite:

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Students will learn and use Microcontrollers and Electronics components to build working circuits and gadgets. They will learn from seasoned Young Electronics, Instrumentation and Computer Engineers.



Microcontrollers will be based on Arduino which is used in over 300 Universities worldwide. Center4tech students will learn digital and analogue input and output and the application and wiring of Sensors (Motion, Light, Temperature, Tilt Sensors), DC Motors, LCD Display and more to design and test real life circuits and products. Students will also write codes/programmes based on C/C++ and processing to give logic commands to the Microcontroller.


Each student will be given a personal project kit comprising a Microcontroller Chip based on Arduino UNO R3, Electronics Components (LCD Display, DC Motor, Light Dependent Resistor, LED, Resistors etc) and Test Instruments (Digital Multimeter, Magnifying Glass etc)





Ability to use a computer is essential. However, candidates without basic computer skills can register for a free computer appreciation class before this class begins. 

Call 0705 272 9965 or 0705 272 9966 for details.






Course Structure

  • Basic Electronics Components
  • Resistor Colour Codes
  • Sensors - general
  • Analog and Digital  Sensors
  • Digital and Analog Inputs/Outputs
  • Introduction to Arduino Uno
  • Programming of Microcontrollers (Arduino Uno R3)
  • Building Fun circuits with Arduino
  • Prototyping and Testing 
  • Fun projects


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Ajibola Morakinyo
I learnt how to programme games. It was a very interesting experience learning how games are made although it could be confusing but my instructors put me through. The last summer camp I attended has to do with academic work but this is different. I had fun and made new friends.

Ekere Nathan
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn the basics of Electronics and Microcontroller Circuit Design & Coding. It was very educative.

Shalem Onyegbula
I learnt how to design my own mobile games, while doing that I also learnt how to code. It was fun, exciting and interesting.

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