TV & Media Production

  • Course Code: MPP101
  • Course Center: Ogba - Ikeja
  • Course Fees: Call
  • Course Duration: 4 Weeks
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TV PRODUCTION (Film Making, Video Editing & Graphic Animation)

This course offers technical rudiments of television and film production: principles and methods of creative visualization; use of camera, movement; basics of photography, lighting and visual manipulation.

Students not only learn to operate modern industry High Definition (HD) cameras or editing visuals, but also learn all the intricacies behind the production of TV Programmes, Films, News, Commercials, Interviews, Documentaries, etc.

To also give students that extra edge & versatility, they will master the ability to edit their recorded video/photo materials using modern video editing software. They also would be able to create stunning graphic animations for broadcast & other media presentations.


Come and learn from a pool of our professional facilitators who have been heads of creative units in top media houses in the country, and have now volunteered to stimulate and equip young minds with secrets & techniques of world-class audio-visual productions and, ultimately, help participants kick-start their inherent passion for a career in the ever-expanding and lucrative creative industry.

Course Objectives: 

At the end of the course, each student would have actively engaged in both individual and group projects culminating in a final shoot of a Short Film, Documentary, TV Programme or Commercial.

 The practical exercises & final projects would demonstrate:

1)      An understanding of the principles and methods of creative visualization;

2)      Ability to communicate one’s vision using creative visual illustrations.

3)      An evaluation of students’ level of creativity, comprehension and ability to apply all they have learned into practical performances.


Course outline:

1)      Introduction to cameras, accessories and the principles and methods of creative visualization.

2)      Introduction to different types of visual formats and global standards.

3)      Video camera operations.

4)      Lenses and filters.

5)      Introduction to audio recording dynamics & microphones.

6)      Shot Composition & Creative Shooting Angles.

7)      Lighting techniques (Indoor & Outdoor).

8)      Shooting (Production for TV, film and other media presentations).

9)      Screening and Criticism.

10)  Production exercises/projects in groups and individuals.


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