Programme:3D Animation Level 2

Ages:10 - 19 | Course Delivery: Virtual | Prerequisite:

Programme Details

3D Animation level 2 course is designed for persons with previous knowledge of animation. In this course, students will learn intermediate level concept of animation including introduction to 3D modelling, UV mapping, texturing, animating and rendering. Skills acquired can be readily used in many industries, such as the games industry, the animation industry, advertising, architectural and medical visualization.


Course Structure

Key Skills
1) Introduction to Animation Software interface.
2) Model your own 3D meshes, using a variety of optimal modeling techniques and workflows.
3) UV Map objects using Projection and Unwrapping.
4) Texture 3D models, and work with materials.
5) Configure scene lighting.
6) Use animation tools to animate objects and scenes.
7) Work with ambient and atmospheric rendering effects.
8) Render still images and video sequences
9) Perform basic simulations using the built in game engine.
10) Carry out complete 3D animation project

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Ajibola Morakinyo
I learnt how to programme games. It was a very interesting experience learning how games are made although it could be confusing but my instructors put me through. The last summer camp I attended has to do with academic work but this is different. I had fun and made new friends.

Ekere Nathan
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn the basics of Electronics and Microcontroller Circuit Design & Coding. It was very educative.

Shalem Onyegbula
I learnt how to design my own mobile games, while doing that I also learnt how to code. It was fun, exciting and interesting.

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