Tech Discovery (for 5-7 year olds)

  • Course Code: TDV 101
  • Course Center: Ogba - Ikeja
  • Course Fees: Call
  • Course Duration: 4 Weeks
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Center4Tech Young Inventors Summer Camp 2017 Tech Discovery course for kids will give your child the opportunity to explore science, technology, engineering and math with fun, hands-on activities with a focus on learning. The programme will stimulate their own natural curiosity to make discoveries and to explore. Moreover, it will prepare kids to work independently and together to solve simple to complex problems, which equip them for the current technology-based world.

They will uncover the dynamic, engaging subjects of STEM through engaging projects featuring robo􀆟cs, experimental design, engineering, computer coding and more. The course will be taught by professionals and will be fun-filled.
1) Understand how engineers apply their scientific and technical knowledge to design machines and devices
2) Understand some scientific concepts such as pulleys, levers and forces as the carry out scientific experiments
3) Introduction to computer programming using graphical programming environment
3) Understand Game Making Design Process
4) Understand Basic Electronic Circuit Design
5) Understand Basic Robotics Design
6) Understand Basic Animation Design
7) Understand Basic Design Packaging


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