Microsoft Office Suite

What I will learn?

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Word

The Microsoft Word (Ms-Word) application is one of the many applications in the Microsoft Office package. Ms-Word is used in offices, schools, and organizations to create simple and formal documents such as CV, letters etc.

Course Objectives

In this Ms-Word course, we will utilize a practical or hands-on approach to show how you can create simple office documents with pre-formatted texts, tables and adding some graphics and designs. You will learn the skills of editing texts, formatting texts, creating tables, adding designs to your document, and using graphics and other tools.

  • Learning Outcome
    If you do well in this unit, you should be able to:
  • Indicate the names and functions of the Word interface components.
  • Create, edit, save, and print documents to include documents with lists and tables.
  • Format text and to use styles.
  • Add a header and footer to a document.
  • Add a footnote to a document.
  • Add a graphic to a document.
  • Use the Spelling and Grammar Checker as well as Microsoft Help.
  • Manipulate documents using functions such as find and replace; cut, copy, replace.

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a basic & must-learn skill in today’s world for almost everyone. MS Excel is one of the most used products of Microsoft office. It is being used in almost every business, every corporation, and institution for data entry, data analysis, data presentation, data consolidation, or data calculation. Microsoft Excel is a very user-friendly, easy-to-use & interactive software that will give the desired results accurately & within no time. Even if you never used Microsoft Excel before still, you will not feel any difficulty in learning the MS Excel software.

This MS Excel course is ‘All in one complete’ Excel training from beginner to advanced level. If you are an engineer, auditor, data analyst, data scientist, data entry operator, student, teacher, or researcher you can choose this course to gain the skill as per your requirement even if you are from any other background & you want to gain the skill you are more than welcome here.

This course is designed by keeping in mind the beginner or entry-level approach but if you already have some knowledge about MS excel or worked before in Excel then you can skip those basic level lectures.

This course is designed in Microsoft Excel 2021 version but it can be easily learned in almost any older or latest version of MS Excel.

What you’ll learn
  • Learn Microsoft Excel from Basics to Expert Level
  • Learn How to Analyze the Data
  • Learn the Formatting & Conditional Formatting
  • Learn the Mathematical Functions
  • Learn the Logical Functions
  • Learn the Lookup Functions
  • Learn the Excel Sheet Auditing Tools
  • Learn Data Consolidation in Excel
  • Learn the Shortcut Keys
  • Learn Printing the Excel File
  • Lean the Sort & Filter Options
  • Learn about Charts & Tables
  • Learn the use of Pivot Tables & Charts
  • Learn to Create Dashboards
  • Learn About Form Controls
  • Learn the VBA & Macros

Microsoft Power Point

Section 1 – Introduction

  • Quick PowerPoint Refresher

Section 2 – Creating your first PowerPoint Slide

  • Access or Start the PowerPoint Application
  • Selecting Your Slide
  • Creating First PowerPoint Presentation

Section 3 – Editing Objects in Slides – Home Menu

  • Cut, Copy, Paste, and Duplicate Text Objects
  • Selecting New Slides, Duplicating and Reuse a Slide
  • Slide Layout, Resetting and Adding Sections
  • Font Size, Bold, Italic, Underline, etc.
  • Clear formatting, Highlighting text, Changing text color
  • Bullets, Numbering, List Levels, Line spacing, Alignment and Justify
  • Add or Remove Columns, Text Direction, Align Text, and Convert to Smart Art
  • Drawing Shapes – Text, Circles, Squares and Arrows
  • Order, Group and Position Object
  • Shape Fill and Outline
  • Find, Replace and Select (Editing)
  • Insert Shapes and Styles (Shape Format Menu)
  • Word Art Styles and Accessibility (Shape Format Menu)
  • Arrange and Size Text Objects (Shape Format Menu)

Section 4 – Adding Objects to Slides – Insert Menu

  • Inserting Through Slide Themes
  • New Slide Options
  • Inserting a Table
  • Table Styles, WordArt Styles and Draw
  • Borders (Table Design)
  • Add Row & Columns, Merge, Size & Align Cells, Table Size & Arrange (Table Layout)
  • Insert or Import Excel Table
  • Inserting Images (Pictures, Online Pictures, Screenshots, Photo Album)
  • Illustrations (Shapes, iCons, 3D Models, SmartArt and Charts)
  • Add-Ins (Get Add-ins and My Add-ins)
  • Zoom (Insert – Link)
  • Creating Links within Insert Menu
  • Add Action to Objects (Insert –> Links)
  • Add Comments (Insert –> Comment)
  • Text, Header & Footer, WordArt, Date & Time, Slide and Object (Insert –> Text)
  • Add Equations and Symbols (Insert –> Symbols)
  • Add Videos to Slides (Insert –> Media)
  • Insert Audio to Slides (Insert –> Media)
  • Screen Recording (Insert –> Media)
  • Remove Picture Background (Picture Format Menu)
  • Picture Corrections, Color Artistic Effects & Transparency (Picture Adjust Menu)
  • Compress, Change and Reset Pictures (Picture Format –> Adjust Menu)
  • Picture Border, Effects and Layout (Picture Format –> Picture Styles)
  • Picture Accessibility and Arrangement (Picture Format –> Arrange)
  • Crop, and Change Picture Size (Picture Format –> Size)

Section 5 – Designing Slides – Design Menu

  • Selecting Themes
  • Variants
  • Customize Slide (Standard vs. Widescreen) and Format Background
  • Designer View of Slide

Section 6 – Transitions

  • Transition from one Slide to Another
  • Timing Slides with Sounds and Duration

Section 7 – Animations

  • Different Type of Animations (Entrance, Emphasis and Exit)
  • Different Type of Animations (Motion Paths and Additional Effects)
  • Motion Path Animation for Shapes
  • Animation of Pictures and Videos
  • Timing Animated Objects
  • Objects Sequence or Reorder
  • Deleting Animation From Objects
  • Adding Multiple Animation to an Object (Advance Animation)
  • Animation Pane, Trigger, Animation Painter (Advance Animation)

Section 8 – Slide Show

  • Starting the Slide Show
  • Setting Up Slide Show
  • Rehearse Timings (Set Up Slide Show)
  • Record Slide Show
  • Play Narrations, Use Timings, Show Media Controls (Slide Show)
  • Monitors and Presenter View (Slide Show)

Section 9 – Review

  • Proofing, Accessibility and Insight (Review)
  • Language (Review)
  • Adding and Deleting Comments (Review)
  • Comparing Presentations (Review)
  • Hide or Delete Ink (Review)

Section 10 – View

  • Changing Presentation and Slide Views (View)
  • Master Views (View)
  • Ruler, Gridlines and Guides (View)
  • Zoom (View)
  • Color and Grayscale your Presentation (View)
  • New Window, Arrange All, Cascade, Move Split, and Switch Window

Section 11 – Help

  • Get Online Help
  • Contact Support
  • Feedback
  • Show Training
  • What’s New

Section 12 – File Menu

  • PowerPoint 365 ProPlus Information (FILE –> Info)
  • Saving Presentation
  • Print, Share, Export and Close
  • Account and Feedback
  • General Options
  • Proofing Options
  • Save, Language, and Ease of Access Options
  • Advance Options
  • Customize Ribbon, Quick AccessToolbar, Add-in, and TrustCenter (Advanced Options)

Microsoft Outlook

Whether you’re using Outlook for the very first time or a seasoned email ninja this course will have you help you reclaim wasted minutes and hours of your day by enhancing these skills:

  • customizing the Outlook interface

  • set up multiple email accounts, including Microsoft Exchange

  • scheduling email and including attachments

  • organizing, finding, and sorting messages

  • creating meetings and appointments

  • managing and delegating tasks

  • configuring reminders and default times

  • accessing Outlook info on multiple devices (like iPhones)

  • and much more

Tools Required

  • Training Manual
  • Microsoft Office Software


  • Knowledge of typing and using the computer keyboard
  • Availability of internet

Course Summary

  • Age: Adult
  • Delivery: Hybrid
  • Mode: Instructor-Led
  • Duration: 5 Weeks
Level:All Levels

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