Young Inventors Summer Camp Registration Form 2021

Young Inventors Summer Camp Registration Form 2021 Holding across Ogba, Ikeja & Lekki

Young Inventors Easter Camp Flyer 2018

This is a STEM and Coding Training for 7-17 year old. The training will take place from April 3-13 at our training Center at Ogba, Lagos

Electronics Components Sales Poster

Center4Tech sells a wide range of electronics components such as Sensors, LCDs, LEDS, Microcontrollers, Photoconductive Cells, Diodes, Resistors, Arduino Boards etc. Whether you a students or eletronics enthusiast, Cente4tech can help out in your eletronics project. Our components can be delivered to you at your location via courier.

Mobile Games Design Flyer

This flyer gives an overview of what students will learn in the Mobile Games Design and programming for Teen class.

Electronics and Microcontroller Design Flyer

From your mobile phones, laptops, air-conditioner, cars, refrigerator... Electronic circuits are the brain that powers them. Students will learn how to design and programme electronic circuits.

2014 Summer Camp For Teens Flyer

Download this flyer to learn more about the 2014 Mobile Games and Electronics/Microcontroller Circuit Design Summer Camp Training for Teens brought to you by Center4Tech.

Lagos Global Game Jam 2017

The Global Game JamĀ® (GGJ) is the world's largest game event (game creation) taking place around the world at physical locations. It is a 48-hour hackathon focused on game development where game developers and animators come together, be creative, share experiences and express themselves in a multitude of ways using games. THE EVENT WILL FEATURE: 1. Game development workshops and tech talk on game development. 2. Global theme unveil event 3. Participants will form groups and develop real games based on a theme which will be announced globally! Finished games will be uploaded to Global Game Jam Sites at the end of the 48hrs. 4. Free meals, drinks, snacks, SWAGS to all participants 5. Special gift to participants from our sponsors and supporters 6. Competition and Prizes winning 7. About 100 professional / indie game developers and animators expected to participate in the event

Africa Code Week Registration Form

Center4Tech will be hosting Computer Free Programming Training for Young People Ages 8 -17 as part of Africa Code Week slated for October 1-10, 2015. This event is supported by Google.

Technology Skills Training for School Leavers and Youth

Center4Tech is organizing technology skills training for School Leavers and Youth in Lagos. Our aim is to equip them with 21st century technology skills and on completion of the training, students can start to earn income by immediately putting into use what they have learnt.

Technology Training Registration Form

Download this registration form to register for our technology training courses including; Mobile Games & Apps Tech Skills, Graphic Design Tech Skills, Electronics & Embedded Systems Tech Skills, Oil & Gas tech Skills.