West African Gaming Expo 2015

West African Gaming Expo aims to introduce educational gaming, game designing, game development  and game playing to the local African community. Like previous events, Over a 2 days period, WAGE will aim to educate attendees about game development, generating revenue from gaming and how they can break into the tech industry through gaming.

This year’s WAGE event, WAGE 15 will see children as young as 5 years old being taught the basics of coding and game creation. 

Industry development: the WAGE conference will aim to develop the gaming with experts from around the world expected to take part in the 2 day Expo. We will aim to discuss topics relevantto developers working in the region such as; Generating Investments and Revenue, Marketing a Game, Content Development etc. Through WAGE 15 exhibition, we will create an atmosphere that encourages networking between participants. 

Education: Gaming and education is a growing trend around the world. More educational institution are noticing students are more focused and interested in what they are learning when they are learning in an interactive manner. WAGE 15 will also focus on the teachers, we aim to train and show teacher how to utilize a more interactive educational platform in the classroom. Through the WAGE 15 conference developers session, we will have subjects that aims to educate teachers on how to utilize these platforms  in their classrooms. We believe if the African gaming industry is to grow, we need to start educating children on the topic of coding and working with computers from a very early age. 

This is why at this year’s WAGE event, we will showcase games that can be used to teach children the basics of coding whilst also teaching children as young as 5 years old how to code and create games.