SHE-I Easter Camp 2016 (March 28 - April 5, 2016)

SHE-I Camp is an initiative of  Christopher Kolade Foundation (CKF). This camp is organized by CKF with the aim of introducing technology (Electronics Circuit Design and Programming, Games Design and Programming etc.) to 60 teenage girls selected from 6 public schools in Ikeja Education District Lagos, in a hands-on, fun and very simplified way with an aim to raising a new generation of Female Scientist, Engineers, Inventors and Entrepreneurs who will become self-reliant job creators for themselves and others. During this camp, students will also be introduced to Leadership training.

As we are aware, there are very few successful women in STEM fields in Nigeria who have successful careers and businesses in the technology field and CKF is aimed at bridging this gap.

The Camp is Scheduled between March 28 – April 5, 2016 and and will be held at Thames Valley College, Sagamu, Ogun State.

During this camp,  technology training  to be handled by Center4Tech while leadership training will be provided by Leap Africa.