Electronic/Robotics Design & Coding

About The Course

In this course, students will learn how to use Electronics Components and Microcontrollers to build
working circuits and prototypes. They will also learn how to write codes that adds intelligence / make their circuits smart as well as use electronic tools and electronics design softwares. This course will be divided into level 1 and level 2. They will learn from professional Electronics, Instrumentation and Computer Engineers. Courses will be 100% Hands-On.


Learning Outcome

  1. Understand engineering design process
  2. Understand what makes up an electronic circuit
  3. Identify electronic components and their properties in circuits
  4. Understand basic electronics schematic diagram reading and interpretation
  5. Understand input and output devices, such as switches, LEDs, sensors, buzzers etc
  6. Understand what a microprocessor / microcontroller is, using the Arduino Microcontroller
  7. Introduction to Computer Programming, Algorithms and Logic
  8. Write codes to instruct microcontrollers/microprocessors
  9. Design, prototype, build and code basic working smart electronic circuits using C++
  10. Exhibit your projects at a close out event.


Project Kit

Each student will be given a personal project kit comprising a Microcontroller Chip based on Arduino UNO, Electronics Components (LCD Display, Laser Sensor Diode, DC Motor, Light Dependent Resistor, LEDs, Resistors, 555 Timer IC etc.) and tools such as Soldering Iron, Digital Multimeter, etc. as required for their projects.


Course Requirements

  1. Ability to use a computer is essential. However, candidates
    without basic computer skills can register for free computer
    appreciation class before this class begins.
  2. Course is to open to Science, Business and Arts Students

Course Details


8 - 17 Years

Course Delivery:



4 Weeks


Young Inventors Summer Camp

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