Mobile App Design & Coding

About The Course

In Nigeria and the world over, mobile technologies, including smartphones, tablet computers, smart devices, and social networking, have changed our personal, social, and professional lives. We carry these devices and technologies with us all the time, we use it to communicate, shop, play, research, get directions, educate, conduct business, socialize, among many other usages. According to there are over 3.7 billion devices used by people to access the web and interact with other people as at January 2018. There is growing demand for mobile app developers and exposing our kids early to creating software for this platform will give them a competitive edge in this 21st century.


Learning Outcome

At the end of this course, participants will understand:

  1. Understand App conceptualization
  2. Understand Software Design Process
  3. Understand App Design process
  4. Programming with App inventor & Android Studio
  5. Design and prototype an android mobile app
  6. Understand porting


Course Requirements

  1. Ability to use a computer is essential.
  2. Ability to navigate websites
  3. Course is to open to Science, Business and Arts Students
  4. 8 -13 years- will work with MIT App Inventor Programming Software
  5. 14 -17 years- will work with Android Studio Programming Software
  6. Student must come with his/her laptop

Course Details


8 - 17 Years

Course Delivery:



4 Weeks


Young Inventors Summer Camp

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