Babcock University Computer Club

Center4tech had the opportunity to visit Babcock University Computer club during their departmental week which took place at the computer laboratory on Wednesday, February 11th,  2015. 

The club also invited other tech companies including Interswitch,  Swap Space, amongst others. The event started at exactly 11am with a presentation from Babcock University Computer club students showcasing their talents and passion for technology.  They exhibited various projects relating to software and hardware . After which Interswitch made a presentation on how their products and services has affected lives positively and it is still keeping up with the pace in technology.

The opportunity given to Center4Tech was treasured, for we did not capitalize on our products and services but we introduced concepts that will help harness the education system. We gave them insights on how to reinforce theories taught in class with practical classes in mobile apps and games development, microcontroller and embedded systems design/programming. As our trainings are clearly hands on, we presented projects like pathfinder for the blind, remote controlled robotic car and some others that were done by secondary school students who had attended our training programmes.

The program which ended by 2pm had over 300 students and staff in attendance.  After the program, students came to make inquiry about our products and services, internship availability,  and lastly on our training courses which include "Mobile Games Design, Mobile Apps Design, Animation Design, 3D Design, Modelling & Printing, Electronics & Microcontroller Design, Wearable Electronics, Matlab, LabVIEW etc"

Center4Tech wishes Babcock University Students, Computer Science department a bright future as they explore the code world!