Center4Tech Partners

Center4Tech Partners with Corporate Organizations,  Governments, NGOs, Schools & Individuals to offer  21st Century Coding & STEM Training Programmes to Children, Youth and Adult across Africa.

Partnership with Corporate Organisations:
This partnership involve working with corporate organizations to train students in public primary & secondary school students on technology skills. This usually come in the form of CSR to the host community in which they operate.
Partnership with NGOs:

The primary setup of NGOs is to impact the community. At Center4Tech, we have differents tech skills that we can offer to your target audience

Partnership with Individuals:
If you have identified what you can do to your community to stimulate Tech Innovation, you 

Presently, we are running this in 10 public school across Lagos State in partnership with Christopher Kolade Foundation

Partnership with Government:
We also partner with government agencies and parastatal
to offer tech training for kids, youth and adult.
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