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Center4Tech Partners with Corporate Organizations, Governments, NGOs, Schools & Individuals to offer 21st Century Coding & STEM Training Programmes to Children, Youth and Adult across Africa.

This partnership involve working with corporate organizations to train students in public primary & secondary school students on technology skills. This usually come in the form of CSR to the host community in which they operate.

The primary setup of NGOs is to impact the community. At Center4Tech, we have differents tech skills that we can offer to your target audience

If you have identified what you can do to your community to stimulate Tech Innovation, you

Presently, we are running this in 10 public school across Lagos State in partnership with Christopher Kolade Foundation
We also partner with government agencies and parastatal to offer tech training for kids, youth and adult.

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Brittney Oberfeld

“Tech has inspired me from an early age – from sneaking time away on the one computer we had back when I was 10 to now working in the games industry. Any way I can inspire kids to feel the same way makes me excited!

Adam Saltsman

“I got involved with Center4Tech because I wanted to let people outside of North America and the EU know that we care and we are interested in what they have to say, and that we can’t wait to see what they make”

Chiedu Adigwe

“I got involved with Center4Tech because I know that the only way to stimulate technology innovations in Africa is to equip the young people with tech skills early in their lives. Well done Center4Tech for this great initiative”

Support African Children to discover their passion for Technology. It only takes a sing spark

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