Young Inventors Easter Camp 2020

This Easter, Center4Tech will be hosting Young Inventors Easter Camp 2020. As always, our dream is to encourage our children to participate in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) with the hope of supporting them to become Inventors, Scientist & Entrepreneurs!

April 8 - 19, 2020

Students Ages 5 - 17:

Will be exposed to technology courses including:

  • Mobile Games Design & Coding
  • Electronics Circuits Design & Coding
  • Graphic Design


Courses will be taught by professionals and our mission is to inspire & equip young Nigerians with 21st Century technology skills that will help them to become tomorrow's problems solvers, Inventors, Innovators, Makers and Entrepreneurs.

Other Activities:
Fun & Play Time
Every year, Young Inventors Summer Camp features students from top schools across Nigeria. This year, your child will have the opportunity to make new friends from other tops schools in Nigeria and also play and have fun with Microsoft Xbox & Kinect Motion-Controlled Videos Games.
The Event will be Fun! Fun!! Fun!!!

The Camp will take at:
  • Ogba - Ikeja, Lagos

Young Inventors STEM and Technology Training Programme is Nigeria's #1 Tech Event for Children.

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Mobile Games Design and Coding-2D

Courses Code :     MGD101

In this course, students will be experiencing and learning the production, design and coding process of Mobile Game Design, where they will create their own Mobile Games.

Electronics & Coding Level 1

Courses Code :     ELM101

Microcontrollers will be based on Arduino which is used in over 300 Universities world wide. Center4tech students will learn digital and analogue input and output and the application and wiring of Sensors (Motion, Light, Temperature, Tilt Sensors), DC Motors, LCD Display and more to design and test real life circuits and products. Students will also write codes/programmes based on C/C++ and Processing to give logic commands to the Microcontroller.