Digital Tech Skills

Graphics Design Tech Skills covers courses in Animation and 3D Design & Modelling. Animation students will learn the concept, design and production of Animation that is beyond just software. They will realistically learn how to convey weigh, motion and follow-through  critical skills on your journey to become a character animator. 3D Design & Modelling course focuses on designing objects in 3D using simple to complex 3D modelling softwares. It also covers creating and Printing 3D physical Models and Prototypes.


Wearable Electronics Design

Courses Code :     WED101

Wearable Electronics is intended for those with an interest in physical computing who are looking to create interfaces or systems that live on the body. Perfect for makers new to wearable tech, this course introduces you to the tools, materials, and techniques for creating interactive electronic circuits and embedding them in clothing and other things you can wear.

Mobile Apps Design & Coding

Courses Code :     MAP101

Mobile App Development Training is a crash course bootcamp style and provides an opportunity to learn various mobile application development frameworks that run on the mobile platforms and the Internet. Learn relevant skills and develop an understanding of the issues surrounding the Mobile Platforms and SDKs including: iOS, Android, HTML5 Mobile Web, JQuery Mobile, PhoneGap, and Windows Phone .

3D Design and Modelling

Courses Code :     DSM101

Center4Tech 3D Design & Modelling Course is designed for Architects, Civil Engineers, Mechanical Engineers involved in designing and modeling their designs in 3D as well as Graphic Artists involved in Filmmaking, Game Developing and Animation. It is an ideal introduction for both professionals and students who want to learn more about 3D software programs or 3D modelling.