Smart Motion Controlled Alert System

( Project Designer : Young Inventors Summer Camp Students )

Android App Bluetooth Light Controlled System

( Project Designer : Young Inventors Summer Camp Students )

Boom Box

( Project Designer : 2015 Easter Camp Electronics Students )

Boomboxes are powerful audio amplifiers which are capable of playing music from an mp3 player, an FM receiver or a small phone usually at a very high volume. In this project, students built a Boombox using the powerful TDA2822 chip, a few resistors, capacitors and a loudspeaker.

Digital Electronic Distance Meter

( Project Designer : 2015 Easter Camp Electronics Students )

In this project students built an electronic length measuring meter which can accurately measure its distance from any object and display the result on a liquid crystal display (LCD)

Mobile Games Design

( Project Designer : )

n this course, students learnt the production, design and coding process of Mobile Game Design. Students were able to create a working mobile games that were ported to different Mobile Phones.

Air Rampage

( Project Designer : Eziuche Iroanisi )

It's just about a war game on air where the hero plane uses bullets to kill others.

Intelligent Visitor Welcoming System

( Project Designer : 2014 Summer Camp Electronics Students )

Intelligent Visitor Welcoming System was designed by secondary school students during 2014 Technology Summer Camp. Components used for this project include: Sensor Mat, Atmega 328P Microcobtroller, LCD Display and Buzzer. The Microcontroller was programmed using C++.

War Thunder

( Project Designer : Osinachi Onyegbula )

My game is about a plane that wants to take over another country by warGame elements include: Attribute, Collision, Move, Spawner, Scroll and more

Intelligent Intrusion Detection System

( Project Designer : )

Intelligent Intrusion Detection System was designed by secondary students (Electronics Students) during  2014 Technology Summer Camp that took place at our tech center. Components used in designing this project include: PIR Motion Sensor, Atmega 328P Microcontroller & LCD Display. Students programmed the microcontroller in C++.

Radix Beyond the Void

( Project Designer : Halim Abdulkareem )

It is a space game where you shoot