Mobile Games Design

Project Designer :

About The Project

In this course, students learnt the production, design and coding process of Mobile Game Design. Students were able to create a working mobile games that were ported to different Mobile Phones.

Game design is one of the most challenging and creative processes around. It involves Creative Problem Solving, Computer Science, Arts, Sound, Psychology, and most of all Fun. Center4Tech students were given tools necessary to create their own game from the ground up.

After our hands on lesson, students learnt the basics of creating a Mobile Game and will had playable Mobile Games that can be expanded into a full-featured game! 

Course Benefits include:

  • Creative Thinking
  • Analytical Skills
  • Critical Thinking


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Smart Motion Controlled Alert System

( Project Designer : Young Inventors Summer Camp Students )

Android App Bluetooth Light Controlled System

( Project Designer : Young Inventors Summer Camp Students )

Boom Box

( Project Designer : 2015 Easter Camp Electronics Students )

Boomboxes are powerful audio amplifiers which are capable of playing music from an mp3 player, an FM receiver or a small phone usually at a very high volume. In this project, students built a Boombox using the powerful TDA2822 chip, a few resistors, capacitors and a loudspeaker.

Digital Electronic Distance Meter

( Project Designer : 2015 Easter Camp Electronics Students )

In this project students built an electronic length measuring meter which can accurately measure its distance from any object and display the result on a liquid crystal display (LCD)

Air Rampage

( Project Designer : Eziuche Iroanisi )

It's just about a war game on air where the hero plane uses bullets to kill others.

Intelligent Visitor Welcoming System

( Project Designer : 2014 Summer Camp Electronics Students )

Intelligent Visitor Welcoming System was designed by secondary school students during 2014 Technology Summer Camp. Components used for this project include: Sensor Mat, Atmega 328P Microcobtroller, LCD Display and Buzzer. The Microcontroller was programmed using C++.

War Thunder

( Project Designer : Osinachi Onyegbula )

My game is about a plane that wants to take over another country by warGame elements include: Attribute, Collision, Move, Spawner, Scroll and more

Intelligent Intrusion Detection System

( Project Designer : )

Intelligent Intrusion Detection System was designed by secondary students (Electronics Students) during  2014 Technology Summer Camp that took place at our tech center. Components used in designing this project include: PIR Motion Sensor, Atmega 328P Microcontroller & LCD Display. Students programmed the microcontroller in C++.

Radix Beyond the Void

( Project Designer : Halim Abdulkareem )

It is a space game where you shoot