Young Inventors Summer Camp 2023

World Economic Forum reports that 50% of all employees will need reskilling by 2025, as adoption of technology increases.

In our effort to equip our children with Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) skills needed in the 21st century, Center4Tech is organizing our yearly Technology Training Camp for primary and secondary school students tagged “Young Inventors Summer Camp 2022”

Date: July 24 – September 1, 2023

Ages: 5 – 19

We'll turn your child into a computer Genius in 4 weeks

Try us! If your child does not like our tech camp and you don't see result after 4 weeks, we will give you a refund. Over 4,000 Parents cannot be wrong since commencement in 2014!

Our Coding Courses Include

Camp Locations

This year the Summer Camp will take place simultaneously in 6 locations in Lagos:


Young Inventors Summer Camp is Nigeria’s #1 Tech Training Programme for Youngsters.

Our Instructors

Your child will be taught by professionals who is very passionate in fulfilling our mission  in inspiring & equipping young Nigerians with 21st Century technology skills that will help them to become tomorrow’s problems solvers, Inventors, Innovators, Makers and Entrepreneurs.

Our Students Come from Over 350 Schools in Nigeria and Abroad

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Testimonies from our Past Students

We have received positive feedback from Both students and parents


Welcome to Camp Gallery

Since 2014, we have organized our camp across 10 centers in Nigeria. Our students are amazing

Our Supporters

Thank you to our supporters who have supported us all these years. We invite more
corporate organization to come and support us to enable train 5 million children by 2025

Our Advisors

We are happy to have highly experienced team members whose
contributions are vital to the success of Center4Tech

Brittney Oberfeld

“Tech has inspired me from an early age – from sneaking time away on the one computer we had back when I was 10 to now working in the games industry. Any way I can inspire kids to feel the same way makes me excited!

Adam Saltsman

“I got involved with Center4Tech because I wanted to let people outside of North America and the EU know that we care and we are interested in what they have to say, and that we can’t wait to see what they make”

Chiedu Adigwe

“I got involved with Center4Tech because I know that the only way to stimulate technology innovations in Africa is to equip the young people with tech skills early in their lives. Well done Center4Tech for this great initiative”