Adult Training

Ajibola Morakinyo
I learnt how to programme games. It was a very interesting experience learning how games are made although it could be confusing but my instructors put me through. The last summer camp I attended has to do with academic work but this is different. I had fun and made new friends.

Ekere Nathan
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn the basics of Electronics and Microcontroller Circuit Design & Coding. It was very educative.

Shalem Onyegbula
I learnt how to design my own mobile games, while doing that I also learnt how to code. It was fun, exciting and interesting.

Iheme Prince Lawrence
I learnt how to make mobile games which is interesting. It was really fun and tough especially the coding part. I am now a mobile games designer. Thanks to Center4Tech!!!

Iroanusi Eto
I learnt software and hardware engineering and teachers from all over the world came and taught us how to create things. This has made me to improve in my imagination and creativity. I want to come back to learn how to create more things.

Ifeanyi Alex Attoh
The summer camp was fun and entertaining throughout. I learnt how to make mobile games. During a seminar presented by a Globacom staff, we were told that we can make money from our games that we design. I can't wait to start making money from my games.

Eze Jennifer
I learnt many things like how to create actors in mobile games. In electronics, I learnt how to make several complex circuits. I have attended a summer camp before but the difference between my previous summer camp and Center4Tech summer camp is that everything they teach here is put into practice.

Abu Jeremiah
I learnt how to programme simple and complex circuits. It was awesome and also challenging and fun. This summer camp is far better than other summer camps I have attended before. It would be better if they make Center4Tech a school.

Iroanusi Eziuche
I learnt how put simple circuits together and also how to make mobile games. It was very interesting because I made things I have never done before. I enjoyed this more than any other summer camp I have gone to. If you need to learn game designing or electronics come to Center4Tech!!!

Olufemi Komolafe
I learnt how to make a lot of things, but basically I learnt how to create 2D mobile games. To my ultimate surprise, it was not easy because it needs critical thinking and 100% concentration. I have attended other summer camps which seems odd but this environment is conducive and the summer camp from center4tech is lovely.

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