Adult Training

Osinachi Onyegbula
I learnt how to make mobile games and how to also make money out of it. I was thinking at first that it will be very hard but turned out to be easy. I have attended other summer camps before but this is the best. I want to come back and learn more games.

Aghahowa Samuel
I learnt how to programme in C++, how to think of any idea and put it on paper through a circuit design and make it work using breadboard. I learnt to design a circuit, debug a programme and make any circuit design work. I met a lot of people who challenged me especially those younger than me to be better and to expand my knowledge.

Attoh Tobe
I learnt how to design and programme things like wrist watches, welcome notes on LCDs and Calculators. I also learnt how to make simple circuits like that used in torch lights. I was introduced to a brand new branch of learning.

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