Girls STEM Squad

Girls STEM Squad

Girls STEM Squad is a programme designed to train girls in secondary schools in low-income communities in Nigeria. The project aims at developing after-school junior secondary STEM education in Nigerian Communities.

We aim to arouse girl students’ interest in choosing STEM-related subjects when they enter senior secondary, which is the foundation of pursuing STEM-related careers. Moreover, our intervention will also enhance their creativity, collaboration and problem-solving skills.

How we Teach STEM

We are conscious of our curriculum, teaching methodology and approach for the greatest impact

100% Hands-On Curriculum

We develop an after-school secondary school STEM Curriculum that is 100% hands-on that makes teaching STEM easy and fun

Engaging Teaching Methods

Our STEM courses, including electronic/Robotics, Mobile Games, Mobile Apps & Web Design are practical and engaging.

Engineering Design Approach

Students will define a problem in many different scenarios, design a solution, build it, test it, analyze the results and then make revisions to the design.

Our Instructors & Volunteers

We have dedicated staff and volunteers who is very passionate in fulfilling our mission in inspiring & equipping young Nigerians with 21st Century technology skills that will help them to become tomorrow’s problems solvers, Inventors, Innovators, Makers and Entrepreneurs.


Let's Join our Hands to Support our Girls in STEM

Gender bias in STEM fields continues to persist and in spite of decades of progress to reverse this disparity, the number of men in STEM careers, particularly at the higher levels of STEM professions, is much higher than that of women. Your support will go along way in addressing this disparity

Our Photo Gallery

Anwar Free Coding

Mobile Games Coding

Anwar Free Coding

Students After Coding Session

Anwar Free Coding

Instructor Assisting Student


Student Practicing


Students with Microsoft Nigeria Executive


Class in Session

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Our Supporters

Our Advisors


Adam Saltsman


“I got involved with Center4Tech because I wanted to let people outside of North America and the EU know that we care and we are interested in what they have to say, and that we can’t wait to see what they make”


Brittney Oberfeld

Head of Social Impact - Shopify

"Tech has inspired me from an early age - from sneaking time away on the one computer we had back when I was 10 to now working in the games industry. Any way I can inspire kids to feel the same way makes me excited!

Chiedu Adigwe

Professional Engineer & Entrepreneur

"I got involved with Center4Tech because I know that the only way to stimulate technology innovations in Africa is to equip the young people with tech skills early in their lives. Well done Center4Tech"

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