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Electronic/Robotics Design & Coding

Students will build prototypes after learning programming, Electronics Components, Microcontrollers, robots etc. Courses will be 100% Hands-On.


Mobile Game Design & Coding

Students will design a functional mobile games after learning the concepts, design and coding process of Mobile Games. The class is 100% hands-on.


Web Design & Coding

Students will be able to design a functional website after learning web design concepts including HTML and CSS coding for front end and back end


Mobile App Design & Coding

Students will design and code a full functioning mobile app using Android studio or MIT App Inventor programming tools depending on the age of the child


Graphic Design

This course provides students with the basic and intermediate level knowledge in Graphic Design including  fundamentals of color: visual, rhythm, and pattern


Tech Discovery

This course offers kids the opportunity to explore science, technology, engineering and math with fun, hands-on activities with a focus on learning.

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Kids & Teens

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