Product Management

About The Course

This course will teach you to think like Silicon Valley’s top-performing Product Managers.

How do today’s most successful tech companies—Amazon, Google, Facebook, Netflix, Tesla—design, develop, and deliver the products that have earned the love of literally billions of people around the world? Perhaps surprisingly, they do it very differently than the vast majority of tech companies.

Product Management shows you how to build and deliver technology products that your customers will love—and that will work for your business.

This is primarily a Learn By Doing course. So we’ll quickly dive into real-world exercises that demonstrate how successful teams build Products.

What you’ll get from this course.

1. I’ll show why 95% of product teams struggle with their product initiatives and what the top performing 5% do differently to achieve success

2. You’ll gain an in-depth understanding of modern Product Management practices, including frameworks and best practices for

  • De-risking product initiatives (dual-track development)

  • Strategy formulation (e.g. Kano Model)

  • Goal Setting (Objectives & Key Results)

  • Product Discovery (ICE, Experiment Boards, etc)

  • Goal-Directed Design (Rapid Prototyping, Sketching, etc)

  • Agile Development (Scrum)

  • Measurement (Analytic frameworks, OMTM)

  • Career Development (Bullet Journal, Story Telling, etc)

3. The course lectures are accompanied by a workbook that includes +30 practical exercises to bridge the gap between the theory and real-world practices.

Why learn Modern Product Management?

The demand for Product Management is growing rapidly. In fact, LinkedIn ranks “Product Manager” as one of the most promising jobs, with 29% year-over-year growth. More and more companies are finally figuring out how important this discipline and this role is to their success.

But Product Management practices are also widely misunderstood, with most product initiatives failing to launch. And of those that do launch, only a fraction delivers value to the intended customers.

In a field where so many teams follow counter-productive practices, copying others won’t work.

Don’t Imitate. Understand.

This course will teach you the underlying values and principles of Product Management. And the practical portion will showcase how successful teams build products using approaches that minimize risk and maximize customer delight.

If you’re seeking a job in Product Management or trying to transition into a new career, this course will help prepare you for success. You’ll be able to identify and avoid unproductive workplace practices, and confidently use the latest Product Management tools and techniques that are so essential to success.

And if you work as a Product Manager in the software development space, this course will accelerate your career and open new doors.

What I will learn?

  • Build any digital product from end to end
  • Create a culture of experimentation
  • Instrument actionable analytics into your product
  • Lead cross-functional product teams
  • Define a viable product strategy
  • Take a product or feature from idea to market
  • Achieve product-market fit
  • Design a user centric experience that delights customers
  • Get stakeholder buy-in
  • Land a Product Management job

Who This course is for:

  • Anyone looking to get a job in Product Management
  • Product Managers who want to advance their skillset
  • Anyone seeking to transition into product management
  • Entrepreneurs who want to realize their product vision

Tools Required

  • Course Manual


  • Ability to use the computer
  • Availability of internet with good speed

Course Summary

  • Age: Adult
  • Delivery: Hybrid
  • Mode: Instructor-Led
  • Duration: 5 Weeks
Level:All Levels

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