Web Development – Foundation

About The Course

In this course, students will learn the basics of how websites work, front-end vs back-end, and using a code editor. Learn basic HTML, CSS, Responsive Web Development Basics etc.

What I will learn?

  • Introduction to Web development
  • Introduction to HTML programming
  • Basic CSS: Modern grid and flexbox, CSS animations etc.
  • How to write maintainable clean and performant JavaScript code
  • Materialize CSS and bootstrap
  • Responsive Web Development Basics
  • Hosting of Website
  • Introduction to GITHUB
  • A functional portfolio Website Project

Tools Required

  • Visual Studio Code:
  • Visual Studio Code is free and available on Linux, macOS, and Windows platforms.
  • Download Visual Studio Code to experience a redefined coding.


  • Ability to use a computer
  • Availability of a good internet

Course Summary

  • Age: Adult
  • Delivery: Hybrid
  • Mode: Instructor-Led
  • Duration: 8 Weeks

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